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In the US, and I suspect the west, our lifespans have steadily increased over the last century. In 1900 typical age that white men and women lived to was 47–49 and black Americans sadly lived to 33–34 on average. (Reference at the bottom). By 2000 we were 75–80 and 68–75 respectfully.

That is one hell of an improvement.

It is easy to conclude that in the US the chance of dying prematurely has been reduced significantly. BUT something else is looming.

We have not improved our surroundings. That is going to be the next hurdle that we must improve.


Image by Grae Dickason from Pixabay

Our world is drowning in data. We are collecting all kinds of data. Data we want to share and some we do not. And this is done almost automatically.

30–50 years ago data was so limited and rarely shared. We are living in the other extreme of that data swing.

Most people mistakenly believe that data is information. NO..NO..NO!!! Data can be turned into information after processing it. So do not get confused. YOu are growing in data and not information.

BUT information is just the start towards understanding. It means that you understand the inputs and system enough to…


Jesse Itzler post

Recently Jesse posted the above figure. It caught my eye and I wanted to expand upon the ideas.

Let assume that you work 40 hours per week. Probably most people average 50 hours. So let's go with 50 with commute if you are not working from home.

You are supposed to get 8 hours of sleep. We want you well-rested. The cost is 56 hours per week. Let’s give you extra 2 hours of naps to round it up to 58.

With 7 days and 24 hours, we get 168 hours in a week. Let us subtract those two…

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While running this morning I listened to Esther Perel on Hello Monday podcast. She works with couples in therapy BUT I think our worlds have been transformed with working from home that the points she made are very valid for non-couples or work-couples(sex excluded).

At the end of the podcast, she talked about conflicts. She said that based on the work on Howard Markman (based on couples work)all conflicts in polarized relationships can be boiled down to:

Power & Control

Often times we are in relationships, whether home, friends, or work, where it is obvious that one side holds more…

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Creating a great team has been a topic of interest to me for many years. I actually watch sports differently than most people by looking at the different pieces: players, coach, and management. Recently, I wrote a story about player-coach addition to this model. My team success model consists of:

  1. great players
  2. great coach
  3. great management
  4. great coach/player on the field

As an example of this player/coach idea, I used Chris Paul. This was based on his ability to move the team from where they were last year to their appearance in the finals.

I still think that addition is…

Adam Grant

This quote by Adam Grant caught my eye and it reminded me of a story.

Many years ago I worked in a steel mill. It wasn’t just any steel mill BUT the last integrated steel mill built in the USA. Built-in 1964.

Fresh out of college and ready to learn I was embedded in a group that generated, transmitted, distributed power to all of the mills in the plant. It was a great role for a young engineer.

The company, Bethlehem Steel, at that time was the number 2 steelmaker in the US. The plant was a union plant. …

…Why are we becoming our own worst enemy?

source unknown

When I was a teen it seemed to me that people identified as having their views captured by two parties: Democrats or Republicans. I never heard anyone refer to themselves as Independent. I will represent this split as:


In the late 80s, there seemed to be a desire to emphasize that there is a need for a third party. A more independent group that did not nicely fit within the two parties. Ross Perot started the idea and due to his ego killed it.


What is interesting to note at this point is that over the next several…

…of course, there is

source unknown

Being the best in the world requires effort and time. Often it is a combination of nature and nurture. It is a rare person, like Spud Webb at 5'3", who becomes an NBA star. A 7' has a better shot.

OK, so that should be obvious to most that to get to a world-class level at any one thing will require gifts and hard work. To get to that 1% you have to be good and lucky.

Is there another way?

Well, if you are focused on being #1 in any field then the competition is…

…i.e AI/ML…

Cranium-Gordon Johnson Pixabay used on my book cover

I recently started re-learning machine learning. Maybe because of this I have started noticing more articles and books mentioning it.

Or as the story goes, maybe now that I bought the red car, I notice all of the red cars?

It could be that Google is looking at my searches and feeding me more AI-related topics. Hummmm?

But just because there are many sources providing data that does not make that data information. …

In the past, I have written stories about having an analog and a digital desk. It only makes sense to me that in order for me to function productively I need to carve out areas in which I do different types of work.

I recently published a mostly fill-in-the-blanks planner & journal. This project management weekly planner and the journal is a tool that I use and thought that it should be made available to others.


Well, most project managers today are completely immersed in the digital world. And often this purely digital world leaves them stressed and less…

Robert Trajkovski

I have led people and projects in Steel/ Power, Refining, Chemicals, Industrial Gasses, Software, Consulting and Academia. I have instructed 73+ courses.

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