Are You Naïve or Simply Eccentric?

Photo by Allan Mas from Pexels

Goal: Discuss why it is important is to play and learn

When we are young, we are literally sponges. We are learning machines.

Who do we learn from?

Early on we learn from our parents. They teach us our place in this new world we enter. Interestingly, they guide us mostly during our first few years.

Next come our friends and teachers at school. They help socialize us. Our new peers teach us to share and get along in groups and the norms of dealing with others.

Whether at home or at school we play. We interact. We are free and foolish. During this stage we don’t know what we don’t know.

Your learning is directed and controlled and at times you are told no. The no prevents you from doing something dangerous or foolish. But this can also prevents us from play.

Another way to look at this is that your spontaneity is being controlled. You are told that your next step is dangerous or childish.

Why is this so bad?

These groups, in which you were a part of, made decisions for you that some actions are extreme. By not allowing you to take part in them you stopped the learning process. You did not even start the process. You forfeited the game before it was played.

They were protecting you so that you don’t get hurt or be judged as silly. However, they also stopped your spontaneity to experience and be thought unwise.

Good and bad…

As adults we loose our naivete. We no longer think like a child. Interestingly some of the people with highest level of success or intellect have a high level of “second naivete”, the child-like quality to explore. This leads to them fulfilling a higher level of their potential.

One of the greatest geniuses, Einstein, was very childlike in his exploration. His childlike explorations can be seen in photographs of him sticking his tongue out or riding with his legs out to the side. Richard Feynman even had a book titled Surely You are Joking Mr. Feynman that chronicled his mischievous episodes.

The childlike exploration with a bit of naivete removes the fear of failure and emboldens us to try things that we would be told not to try. So it is a double edged sword. One side can help and other can hurt you.

It is important to note that this childlike naivete is often thought of as foolish in people closest to us. Our friends and family will pulls us back.

BUT the same friends and family will look at a very successful person or genius and admire them for their boldness and eccentricity. What is interesting is that they will never stop to think that the foolishness and childlike naivete might be what led them to their success.

As adults we need to continue our play and remove the artificial constraints that we blindly accepted.

Go and play now… Be foolish…Go Learn…Don’t censor yourself…

Let the genius in you shine.

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