Do You Watch Your Life Diet?

Robert Trajkovski
3 min readOct 26, 2021
Joya Cousin LinkedIn feed

In this column, I want to connect a few pieces…

We seldom do a great job of guarding the gates of our minds. We allow poor quality information to enter and even worse keep residence inside.

Joya, one of my LinkedIn connections, had a message about the passage of time. At times we all feel that we do not have the time to do something. While we are preventing ourselves from starting, we waste time.

I have urged many young people who have worked with me to go and pursue advanced degrees after they start working. I advised them that if they were even considering it a bit to just go ahead and do it. My logic was that once life got in the way with family and kids it will be more difficult to finish the goal.

The ones that listened finished the degrees and would come back to tell me that they could just as easily have wasted their time doing nothing special. Nothing special means the time would have passed and no result would have been achieved in their personal or professional lives.

BUT dedicating time is not always the only issue that people site as their unwillingness to pursue bigger goals.

It could be their internet and TV time. They can not walk away from Facebook or the latest sitcom. Wow! Those things are nice BUT imagine explaining to someone 10 years later how you chose Facebook over accomplishing a goal and improving your knowledge.

What about what you read? I can not remember the last novel I read. I love a great story BUT unless I am sitting on a beach and wanting to relax I do not read novels. For me, there are seldom big lessons that I can extract from them. Interesting BUT not sufficient to spend my time on.

Maybe who you listen to can affect your desire to improve your level? Not everyone around you is bubbling with positivity. Hell, they might be their own worst enemy BUT they are free to give you advice on how to live your life. If it does not uplift you, run!!!

Another reason I have heard of as a reason not to pursue knowledge is the group you belong to. If everyone has an average mindset then you will ultimately adopt an average mindset for your future. There is an old saying that says, “You are the average of 5 people you spend the most time with.”

All these things could be grouped into life activities:

  1. what you pursue
  2. what you watch on TV
  3. what you surf for on the net
  4. what you read
  5. who you spend time with

Be cognizant of everything that you consume. It really matters and it will have an impact on you. Most you might not recognize immediately.

So follow a life diet and upgrade your life. Remove all the junk from your life diet that is harming you.

Start the forward progress by recognizing at least one action you are taking or exposing yourself to that is not serving you to become the person you want to become. Eliminate it!!!

Then review again…

Interestingly, in my feed today I saw a picture that Liz Fosslien created

As long as you do not give up, the element of time as it passes will make the goal small and less overwhelming. The key is to keep moving towards that goal by eliminating the unhealthy things that no longer serve you and weigh you down.

My four cents…



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