How my Failure Led me to a Million Dollar Fund?

Many young engineers and outside the industry professionals enter refineries and chemical plants each year. They are ill prepared for the challenge because the industry does a poor job of preparing them for their roles.

A couple of years ago I created a Refinery Basics course to satisfy this need and gave it away on LinkedIn. The format was 10 minute videos covering the basics of each unit of a refinery. Some of the 26 videos had 4000+ views. With this level of interest I created a Thinkific course, added content and quizzes, and put it up for sale.

Crickets…crickets…crickets… Not a single sale!!!!

A few weeks ago I posted that I was thinking about offering a Time and Energy management course. Although I got interest(1000+ views on some posts/videos) it was crickets again on the commitment.

Recently Thinkific created a $1M Entrepreneur Growth Fund. I applied for the scholarship. The fund considers your needs and assigns people to help guide you and provides resources for advertising, and learning.

As part of the learning so far I have
1. Attended a course on FB ads
2. Met with a marketing and strategy advisor twice
My couch is Paul Collins from RCA and he has given me his time and wisdom to improve my next offering. He has been willing to guide and correct my path. A survey we created gave us some answers.
3. Given a course on course development

I am excited about the changes I am making. Hopefully you will see the improved products I will offer and find them of value to commit.


Robert Trajkovski is professional with experience in leading people and projects in Steel/ Power, Refining, Chemicals, Industrial Gasses, Software, Consulting and Academia. He has worked for both owners and engineering companies. In addition, he has instructed 73+ courses at several institutions and often offers his courses for free on LinkedIn.

If you enjoyed this article, I strongly urge you to follow the link to my course below and sign up. It is being created and a beta group is being formed.

THE ULTIMATE Time AND Energy Management course is at:



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