Is Your Political Message Better Than Your Competitors?

Goal To discuss political message vs. messengers and overall system failure from an Independent voter point of view

It is very hard not to pay attention to the political war going on in the US. Most of us are catching bits of data here and there. Notice that I called it data and not information. In order for it to become information you will have to take the time to process it. Most of us don’t pause to do that so we are operating at perceived data level NOT information.

I have tried to tune out the negative messages BUT it is impossible…

As an INDEPENDENT voter I have voted for both sides. Why? My beliefs do not fit the message of either party. Often I tend to dislike one party’s candidate more than the candidate of the other party.

Maybe I am not so unusual?

The most enlightening TV segment I saw four years ago about the election was on 60 minutes. One of the pollsters had a group of people in a room and sked the following question, “Are you voting for your candidate or against another candidate?” 80% said that they were voting against a candidate.

Ask yourself that one question right now. Are you?

This one fact is probably the best predictor of who will win. I tend to agree with this assessment. In previous elections I have always voted for the person who I thought would best lead the country through the next four years. Interestingly, at times I have voted against the same candidate four years later.

Why? They were not the best person to lead.

The message in politics gets very skewed and twisted by one’s opponent. I believe that staying on message is tough when you are personally attacked. It has to be tough to focus on what you got to say while being put down.

I can not imagine running for an office. This country does not groom people to be great leaders. With the media on lookout for any small weakness in order to turn it into news everyone fails the test of being a great human.

Who was the last leader that was groomed to be president?

I would argue George H.W Bush because he was congressmen, director of CIA, ambassador, vice president, and president. Even with all that grooming he was a one term president.

Why is our system broken?

Our founding fathers would be very disappointed by the political class we have created. There is absolutely no reason a person should be a politician for 40+ years. It was never intended for us to have these political animals. People were to take time away from their lives briefly, go to Washington, serve, and then go back to their professions NOT spend years getting rich off our backs.

Our model is broken and our country is divided. We are arguing about issues that were resolved 50 years ago. We can not see how our differences are what makes us stronger and unique.

Can you see a day where Roe is overturned? Can you see a day when second amendment is modified? Can you see a day when gay marriage is not allowed? NO and they should not be. These are changes that were made for valid reasons. Maybe you disagree with them BUT this country is more than you and I and our opinions. Our country has a historical inertia and we can see those trends clearly if we take the time to look.

In a democracy we have to tolerate the stupid thoughts of others because we might be the other in another instance. Even more, we have to fight for their right to express a stupid thoughts.

Personally I hate both political parties equally because they do not represent my views. Their candidates serve their parties over the interests of the country. Interestingly, the position they might hold today is direct opposite of one they had 4 years ago when they were in majority. Consider the supreme court nomination process as a great example of this switch.

It is a political mess!!!

What should be done?

I believe that term limits of one time service of 3 years in congress, one time 6 years in senate, one time secretary of department, 1–2 times vice president if re-elected, 1–2 times for president if re-elected should be strictly enforced. If someone can move up constantly then maybe they are worth serving. Most of these guys are not that good.

Do you realize that most of your congressmen time is spent calling donners in order to get money to get re-elected. They are serving their party’s interest not yours. Their two year term is too short to be meaningful.

Oh and once they are done with political life they can not serve as lobbyist EVER! The profession of lobbyist or whatever it could be called should be illegal.

Lastly, have an external body that is constantly monitoring their and immediate family bank accounts. How do these guys become multi- millionaires by the time they leave?

Eliminate the pension and health care for life. Can you imagine founding fathers approving a pension for life? It was suppose to be service to the country NOT enrichment of self.

Most of our problems are easily fixable. They require effort and guts NOT political bickering. They require adults from both parties sitting down and coming up with compromises that we all hate BUT compromises that solve problems.

My too cents….

I got to go…my future self alarm went off

Robert Trajkovski is professional with experience in leading people and projects in Steel/ Power, Refining, Chemicals, Industrial Gasses, Software, Consulting and Academia. He has worked for both owners and engineering companies. In addition, he has instructed 73+ courses at several institutions and often offers his courses for free on LinkedIn.




I have led people and projects in Steel/ Power, Refining, Chemicals, Industrial Gasses, Software, Consulting and Academia. I have instructed 73+ courses.

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Robert Trajkovski

Robert Trajkovski

I have led people and projects in Steel/ Power, Refining, Chemicals, Industrial Gasses, Software, Consulting and Academia. I have instructed 73+ courses.

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