Life is Full of Choices

Robert Trajkovski
3 min readApr 12, 2021


…who controls them?

Photo by Mollie Sivaram on Unsplash

It is easy to observe that life is full of choices. Everyday we are engaged in making choices in our lives and work. All day long we choose between two or more options.

Are we any good at making those choices?

We tend to make them either too quickly or too slowly. Quality of most of our choices can be argued and easily improved.

It is important to realize that you control the choices that you make. Most of them are in our control. We can choose to eat that donut or carrot. No one puts a gun to our head to eat the donut. It is a choice.

So what is new in all of this?

Most of us often fail to connect that the consequences of your choices control you. The consequences…

One way to look at this is to consider this as a system. Our choices as the input side. We can choose the quality of those choices and which ones we give more weight to. We fully control the input for most part. Sometimes others will sneak in an input that is of poor quality or given excessive weight. We can most often minimize it or ignore it.

The system is the system. We can change it and it often takes a concentrated effort to make the change. It is not easy to change any system. Especially when you are a part of it and have contributed to its current state.

Notice the last bold statement. The consequences of your choices control you. That is purely the output side. We have very little control of that. We can get frustrated because it does not go our way BUT pouting will not change it.

So what can be done?

A simple examination is that we must control the quality of inputs while incrementally improving our system. This in the end will get us to the output that we want.

Can I offer an example?

40% of Americans have less than $400 dollars in their bank accounts. This shocking statement is the output side.

What are the inputs?

Inputs are job or lack of one, rate of pay, mindset, previous patterns of spending, parental examples, peer examples, etc. There are probably easily 50 variables that are providing OR provided the inputs to our brain.

Our brain, the system, has processed those inputs many times and almost on automatic keeps taking the same actions. We keep taking actions consistent with those inputs.

How do we change this?

Well, by improving the inputs and eliminating some. Can you get a better paying job? Can you go back and review the beliefs that your parents wrongly put into your brain and scratch them out like an old record and replace them. Replace them with financial knowledge from books that will support us in making better decisions.

So don’t blame the consequences of your choices BUT force yourself to examine and change your inputs, slowly modify the choosing system over time, and you will get better consequences.

It is not easy BUT it is doable.

Why the picture?

I came across this picture and something about it clocked. I am trying to connect choices to consequences and this little dog with shades stood out. It was a choice for the photographer to put on glasses on it. BUT the dog pose was the system that processed it into a memorable picture.

If you are a cat person… I am sorry…

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