Who is Making Your Future?

Robert Trajkovski
3 min readFeb 8, 2021


…or are you still planning

Goal: Discuss planning and execution

A couple of months ago I walking to a nearby grocery store. Near the grocery store was a Cole Hann store and this was adhered to the building. It caught my attention and I took a picture of it.

So what?

Well, it spoke to me. It has stopped me to think about it long enough that I feel it is worth a column.

What the sign is teaching us is that we must be execution driven. You have to make things and put them out in the marketplace. Putting things out could mean producing for one’s employer OR out directly in the market.

The sign also tells me to break out of the thinking hold. Thinking is great BUT we have to realize that it is seductive. It will lull you into believing that you are doing something.

Thinking is hard and easy. It depends on how actively you are doing it. BUT again it produces nothing but a plan of action.

And as Mike Tyson wisely taught us, “Everyone has a plan until they get hit in the face.”

Planning should be 80% of your effort. You need a plan BUT the remaining 20% are all about making and executing. Once you get into that 20% then you must switch to 80% execution and 20% planning.

What does that mean?

While you are doing planning you do a little executing. When you are executing you must do a little planning in order to be adaptive.

Ohhhh back to Be Adaptive ( I wish someone was selling t-shirts with that slogan…LOL)

The future won’t make itself. It will be made with your planning and execution that drive you to produce an output. Produce something that someone needs and wants. We must always be looking to ship a product (internally or externally).

For a moment let me gloat.

This is the 101 column that I have written. Some were short and some were long. SOme were good and some were OK. BUT there were 100 of them. That is execution with a little bit of planning. The future is made. It does not make itself.

So I ship in order to create the future I want where I write article that teach something of value and readers enjoy.

My sixteen cents….(this is what I earned from Medium.com for Jan. 2021)

I gotta go…my future self alarm went off


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