Who Owns YOUR Time?

Photo by Gantas Vaičiulėnas from Pexels

You have to be careful with your time. Who owns your time owns you. That seems very harsh BUT I believe it to be true.

Let me clarify.

No one demands my time at 5:00 a.m. Hell no one wants anything to do with me at 5:00 in the morning. Everyone around me wants to be left alone and to keep sleeping.

So if I can get up early I get a few hours for myself. That is magic!!!

If you have never been a part of the early riser club you are probably confused. You don’t see the difference between staying up past midnight vs. getting up early.

If you are not interrupted then they are the same BUT often at the end of the day most of your energy is drained from a day of doing things for others. You are operating at best on your last 10%.

Now contrast that with getting up and your tank is full at 100%. You have energy and clarity to get started on YOUR plan. Work on your side hustle and your dreams till 8. Then at 8 start your day job.

This is such a powerful lesson. I believe that less than 5% of the people are in the 5 a.m. club. Those 5 a.m. people get up because they want to and NOT because they have to.

So far we have focused on you controlling your start of the day. How about the end of the day?

The rules are the same. You should have a start of your work day and you should have an end of your day. Within reason, the end might vary a little BUT not every day.

If you work from 8 to 5 then work your tail off from 8 to 5. At 5 walk away and live. You need to leave work in order to get better at work.

That seems counterintuitive BUT it is true.

If you study many successful people, they left in the middle of their workflow AND not just brute force it till the end. Hemingway would by design stop in a middle of a sentence. This gave him a starting point and also allowed his brain to continue processing the ideas.


In the western world we have transitioned to the idea that just a company pays you they own your time. That is wrong. They own the time you are being paid for and you should be giving them your max effort. You are a professional and they deserve your best. It does not give the employer the right to all of your time.

BUT after you stop for the day, you must live and experience the world you are a part of. You must re-charge in order to be able to fully engage tomorrow. That time away from work will give you a fresh perspective on the world and your work will only become better over time.

In this Covid world, it is easy to walk away at 5, go eat dinner, and be back at your desk to continue working. This is dangerous.


The quality of your work will suffer over time. In order to perform at your best, you must restore your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual energies. This is something that people and companies miss.

The idea of a work life balance is the biggest lie that companies tell their employees. They talk a good game BUT their actions speak the opposite.

Again, you owe the company your max effort during the working hours. You owe yourself the restoration of energy. When you skimp on the restoration, your best will not be achievable.

Guard your time off like it is a MIllion dollar bank account. If you give away your evenings, weekends, and vacations YOU are being robbed of the money in that account.


If you made $50,000 per year your hourly salary for 40 hours of work per week is $25 per hour. If you work 80 hours for that $50,000 your rate is now only $12.5 or equivalent to $25,000 per year. Would you do the same job at half the pay?

Guard your time because it is the most precious commodity that you own.

Why the picture was chosen?

The picture above shows a young lady behind a fence. She is being protected by the fence. It is there to keep people out of her space. The fence also provides a constraints not to be able to go outside so easily.

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