Why AI is Just Math

Robert Trajkovski
2 min readMar 26, 2021


..and why you should figure out how to use it

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Goal: To discuss the power and weakness of AI

Most people are afraid of change. We want a little bit of change with a lot of certainty. That mix is interesting and is intended to keep us alive and safe.

How does that relate to AI?

Well AI brings lots of change with very little certainty. That is the perception that most people in their minds.

The reality is that AI is just math. As I discussed in a previous article it is great at working through a ton of data and extracting information. That information is simplistic and does not even come close to any knowledge, understanding or wisdom.

AI, mostly machine learning, is just simply math UNLESS something is done with it. Something useful.

Combine AI with business knowledge and you have domain specific knowledge that could help that business thrive and survive in this everchanging world. The better the data and business knowledge the deeper the understanding. It becomes a powerful force.

Combine AI with medical databases and it becomes and incredible adviser to a doctor. The best second opinion or first opinion one can hope for.

What do these two examples have in common?

It is the people and their knowledge with ability to extract that information that creates the magic. It is the people part that is not replaceable.

So if you are an individual you want to build up your knowledge in your field. The tools and systems with which you interact will change BUT AI will have a hard time replacing your knowledge.

Why the picture?

The picture was chosen because it looks impressive and complicated. BUT if you look close enough the equation on the left side of the equal sign is the same as the one on the right. In other words fancy BUT meaningless.

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