Why I Bought a Fill In The Blank Book

…and why you should buy one

Robert Trajkovski
2 min readMay 16, 2021
picture of my new fill in the blank book with pen and coffee stain

I went to Barnes and Noble the other day and bought a couple of books. One of them was a fill in the blank book. The title of the books is My Father’s Life.


As someone who loves to write stories and an author of four books, it would seem strange that I bought a fill in the blank book. The main reason is because I liked the questions that it posed.

Many years ago I created an outline for a biography. I still periodically stop and add to the table of content. The table of contents is about 20 pages long at the current time.

Outlines are great BUT questions continue the thought process and engage. Many people look for answers, maybe I am strange because I look for a better question. In my experience by asking a better question I can raise the conversation level and continue the thinking process.

Once excepted, an answer simply ends a conversation. There is no longer a need to look for a better answer. And the only way to a better answer is with a better question.

Another thing I like about the book is that it is 200+ pages. I have started sitting in front of my house and meditating on the question before I write it out. I am using a post it note for each page to create a list of things I want to communicate on that page. The process is very peaceful and fills me up with energy.

As a father of three, I am writing the book with love. It is intended as an early glimpse into the biography I one day intent to write for my children. My love, stories and thoughts, to me, are the greatest gifts I can leave them with.

Ultimately I plan to digitize the notes and provide each of them with a copy of the book. This is going to force me to write better so it is readable…LOL

I urge you to go to Barnes and Nobles, your local book store, or Amazon and pick up a copy of a fill in book. 80+ percent of people express the desire to write a book someday. Only 1+ percent successfully do it.

May the fill in the blank book be your start towards re-discovery and writing journey.

My four cents…



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